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Workplace Yoga


Yoga increases our positivity.

With the stress we have in Workplaces nowadays, a weekly gentle stretching Yoga class is the best way to release tension.

When 30 minutes of Yoga is combined & followed by 15 minutes of Meditation the whole group feels beautifully refreshed. In 16 years of his Corporate class teaching, to all kinds of ages & shapes & sizes, Malcolm has found that this is the best.

There’s nothing more worth saying about this here. Just book Malcolm for a series of 6 classes, 1 per week, at a time which suits you – 45 minutes/session, and you’ll see and feel the workplace come alive.

We only travel to your workplace. We do not offer you facilities. (if we do offer facilities, experience has shown that most people who start drop out after 1 or 2 weeks – they can’t be bothered to come along. Conversely, ‘in your workplace’ is by far superior.)

Some Companies have been with us for over a decade, and they gladly stay. Thinking “long-term” is a valuable way to consider introducing Yoga and even Meditation in your Workplace. But do 6 weeks and start that way.

Fees: Call Malcolm, or send him an Email for rates. Ph: 0430 569 088 (day, evening, weekend)