To Stretch & Relax the Physical Body


To Centre & Integrate the Mind


To Develop Talents & Self-Understanding


New Insights from an Experienced Assistant


Start the Recovery from Difficulties & the Past

Physically, Mentally, Spiritually

To Stretch & Relax the Body
To Centre & Integrate the Mind
To Develop Talents & Self-understanding
To Fit it All together

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Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre

Working for the development of the whole being.

Body | Mind | Soul | Spirit

We offer a wide diversity of disciplines & tuition for individuals aiming at genuine holistic change.

We work to improve response capacity to every life situation.

Malcolm has found that after almost 20 years of continuous teaching, & over 30 years of personal experience, that Private Tuition is by far the best way to share knowledge & set you on your way to accelerated improvement. Group tuition is for those who already know how to grow from within themselves and are well beyond beginner level. Some beginners cannot afford the expense of direct and accelerated teaching, so it’s good to find one or two friends to take the journey with you. With Malcolm, the same rate per hour applies to teaching one up to three people – you just split the cost between you. Book your start session here & now >>

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