Our Yoga

To Stretch & Relax the Physical Body
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Our Meditation

To Centre & Integrate the Mind
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Our Study

To Develop Talents & Self-Understanding
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Physically, Mentally, Spiritually

To Stretch & Relax the Body
To Centre & Integrate the Mind
To Develop Talents & Self-understanding
To Fit it All together Here in our Studio,
50 Market St (cnr Flinders Ln) in the Melbourne CBD, 3000, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre

Working for the development of the whole being.

Body | Mind | Soul | Spirit

We offer a wide diversity of classes and disciplines for individuals aiming at genuine holistic change.

We work to improve response capacity to every life situation.

Start anywhere with any class and make your own assessment about your own development.

Enquire by getting in touch if you are not sure where to start.

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