To Stretch & Relax the Physical Body

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To Centre & Integrate the Mind

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To Develop Talents & Self-Understanding

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New Insights from an Experienced Assistant

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Start the Recovery from Difficulties & the Past

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Physically, Mentally, Spiritually

To Stretch & Relax the Body
To Centre & Integrate the Mind
To Develop Talents & Self-understanding
To Fit it All together

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Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre

Working for the development of the whole being.

Body | Mind | Soul | Spirit

We offer a wide diversity of disciplines & tuition for individuals aiming at genuine holistic change.

We work to improve response capacity to every life situation.

Malcolm has found that after almost 20 years of continuous teaching, & over 30 years of personal experience, that Private Tuition is by far the best way to share knowledge & set you on your way to accelerated improvement. Group tuition is for those who already know how to grow from within themselves and are well beyond beginner level. Book your $50 start session here & now >>

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