Our Yoga ..To stretch and relax the physical body

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Our Meditation ..To centre and integrate the mind

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Our Studies ..To develop Talents and Self-understanding.

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Physically, Mentally, Spiritually

To stretch and relax the Body. To centre and integrate the Mind. To develop Talents and Self-understanding. To fit it All together

Melbourne Yoga and Meditation Centre

Working for the development of the whole being – Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit.
We offer a wide diversity of classes and disciplines for individuals aiming at genuine holistic change.
We work to improve response capacity to every life situation.

Start anywhere with any class and make your own assessment about your own development.
Ask us for help if you are not sure.

    Self-diagnostic check
    Sometimes …

  • ..we know what we need and our bodies are incapable, so we fix and prepare the body with Yoga postures and stretching.
  • ..our bodies are capable and our minds are slow and distracted, so we start Meditation.
  • ..we are insensitive to the changes required, even though we may be capable, so we learn to Relax, Breathe properly, and open up.
  • ..we are ready to change and we don’t know what to do, so we take a Workshop or seek some Private Tuition.
  • ..we need to gain an overall rationale of our life, we need to read something philosophic or scriptural to give context to things, events and relations, so we join a Meditation and Study group and start reading and thinking a bit.
  • ..we just need a break from our routine and a Workshop or Weekend Retreat is perfect.
  •’s important for the Company to offer a Workplace practice – Yoga or Meditation. It brings people together in a different context and shows and integrates talents of individuals which we would be completely unaware of, talents which make ourselves and the Company great.


Yoga is the joining together of the finite with the infinite; that is, the joining together of the individual consciousness of man with the absolute consciousness of his source.
Eugene Halliday

Reflexive Self-consciousness is a modern term for samadhic contemplation, the highest stage of individual development; consciousness conscious of itself rather than consciousness conscious of ideas, forms, emotional states, physical body objects, and the things events and relationships of the so-called external world.
Malcolm H Clark

Our practices allow us to stand aside from our daily lives for a moment, and to take a God’s-eye view of what we’re doing here.
Ram Dass