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To Stretch & Relax the Body

To Centre & Integrate the Mind

To Develop Talents & Self-understanding

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Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre

Working for the development of the whole being Body | Mind | Soul | Spirit We offer a wide diversity of classes and disciplines for individuals aiming at genuine holistic change. We work to improve response capacity to every life situation.
Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre

Yoga is the joining together of the finite with the infinite; that is, the joining together of the individual consciousness with the absolute consciousness. Eugene Halliday

Reflexive Self-consciousness is a modern term for Samadhic Contemplation, consciousness conscious of itself.   Malcolm Clark

Our practices allow us to stand aside from our daily lives for a moment, and to take a God’s-eye view of what we’re doing here. Ram Dass

Because there is nothing like wisdom which can make us pure on this earth. The man who lives in self‐harmony finds this truth in his soul. Bhagavad Gita;4:38

Two characteristics of Intelligence:[Absolute Sentient Power as Consciousness and Will] It[Consciousness] is reflexive[Will]; it can stand outside the self[egoic self] and perceive[observe] objectively[“the observer is not the observed”], not just subjectively[in sentience, feeling, awareness]. It[Will] can choose. It can choose to perform an action that is new, that is innovative. It can initiate[will] change. – B.K.S. Iyengar after Eugene Halliday

“The Observer is not the observed” or “Consciousness is not its object”. Eugene Halliday

Yoga is about how the Will, working with intelligence and the self-reflexive consciousness, can free us from the inevitability of the wavering mind and outwardly directed senses. – B.K.S. Iyengar after Eugene Halliday