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Workplace Meditation

Our Workplace Meditation sessions are designed for everyone in the office to enjoy.

Malcolm will teach you both simple and advanced meditation techniques, different every week, which will have you finding your inner peace – perhaps not even missing your lunch break.

Falling asleep at the desk from mental exhaustion, and under-performance is more common than many know and realise.

With regular practice, meditation can really help relieving work stress. It releases the tension from the inside out.

Malcolm only travels to your workplace. He does not offer you facilities. (He’s found that if he offers facilities, most people who start the class, drop out after 1 or 2 weeks – they can’t be bothered to come along. Conversely, ‘in your workplace’ is by far superior.) A wide range of times are available each week.

Companies and Workplaces are best to start with 6 sessions of up to 45 minutes/session. It’s also good to include a bit of pre-stretching or Yoga before the Meditation – but it’s your choice.

Fees: Call Malcolm, or send him an Email for rates. Ph: 0430 569 088 (day, evening, weekend)