Workplace Meditation

Our Workplace Meditation sessions are designed for everyone in the office to enjoy. Malcolm will teach you both simple and advanced meditation techniques, different every week, which will have you finding your inner peace – perhaps not even missing your lunch break. Falling asleep at the desk from mental exhaustion, and under-performance is more common than many know and realise.

With regular practice, meditation can help with your work well-being and enjoyment.

A fresh clear mind works much more efficiently. Proper meditation and the ability to concentrate better reduces stress levels. Knowing how and where to place yourself in awareness for even micro-seconds of relief time can change you, change your environment, and enhance your mental and psychological performance in a very positive way. As you change the world changes with you, so make a positive change.

Malcolm visits your office, before, during, or after hours.

Fees: Contact us for an introductory program and ongoing rates, or Book an Introductory session at your workplace.