We are a small personalised school giving individual attention and tuition to people seeking to

  • To stretch & relax the body
  • To centre & integrate the mind
  • To recover from personal difficulties
  • To build a happier workplace

What is Yoga

Yoga is about conscious, deliberate unfolding of individual body capacities, exposing and transcending limitations, physical & mental, and feeling the joy which arises beyond the pain and resistances.

Yoga isn’t about over-stretching the physical body in a hot sweaty room.

Yoga’s ultimate aim is to consciously reconnect our sense of separate isolated egoic individuality back to our Universal source.

We feel integrated and whole in this realisation. To intelligently do this we involve the four aspects of our being – body, mind, soul and spirit.

Not everyone who practices Yoga has Yoga’s highest aim in mind when they begin to learn. So it’s good to start with something we all know about, and that’s our physical body. Most people who practice Yoga do so for its physical body benefits.

Here at Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre we recommend Personal Tuition. It’s the very best way to start, even if only for a few lessons. Bumbling along in a group class, not knowing what you are really doing, watching everyone else rather than the teacher up the front … well we’ve all been there once. And everyone is different. Some people learn fast and need less teaching assistance to get on the way.

We say “Personal Tuition” is by far the best way to start, and Malcolm has lot of experience which proves it. You receive ongoing individual training in every posture & technique where required, fully supervised to help guide you into a deep balanced practice. You work at your own rate and feel the benefits of a consistent approach.

All levels of competence and ability are welcome.

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Some areas of consultation and assistance for YOGA might include:

  • To immediately relieve your body of stress & stiffness in a fast efficient way
  • A start for an absolute beginner, or a restart after a period, or years, of layoff.
  • Improving posture practice and technique – correction of old habits, and negotiation of the new.
  • Injury recovery, approach to pain, and overcoming pain barriers.
  • Difficult, or aged, joint and muscle rehabilitation or recovery
  • Breathing technique and psychological balance.
  • Fees: $90/80min – for up to two people practising and receiving instruction at the same time. Split the cost between you, or practise alone. Malcolm visits you. Book >>