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We are a small personalised school giving individual attention and tuition to people seeking the higher and more subtle teachings of Yoga & Meditation.

We help you to

  • prepare the body for Meditation with a Yoga class go>>
  • discover real Yogic Meditation go>>
  • overcome a Blockage go>>
  • build a Happier Workplace go>>

What is our Yoga?

Our Yoga is to prepare you for a conscious, deliberate & sincere Meditation practice. Yes, it is physical and often demanding at first. but it is not group exercise, stretch and strength conditioning, in a hot sweaty room.

Our Yoga has a specific aim – to prepare you for Meditation. The practice is designed for all and personalised tuition from Malcolm is what you get. He doesn’t just demonstrate; he helps you individually as you practice.

If you are not interested in the higher teachings of Yoga & Meditation, and learning how to apply them personally, then this Centre might not be for you. We welcome all, but many people nowadays believe Yoga is exercise for keeping physically fit. It can be, but that is not our specialty. Malcolm has taught those disciplines for over 20 years and is now teaching the deeper aspects of Yoga. If you require a personal lesson in the more physical practices, he is always willing to help, but the main group classes are aimed at preparing individuals for Meditation.

There are many aspects of Meditation in the various Yoga systems. Malcolm has extensive experience in many of them and aims to help you find an approach which is right for you. If you are unsure, please ask him, or join one of the classes or Meditation sessions.

What is Yoga’s ultimate aim?

Yoga’s ultimate aim is to consciously reconnect our sense of separate isolated egoic individuality back to our Universal & Absolute Source. This re-connection is not by going far away; what we seek is near at hand. The eternal present is what we call ‘being present’. You know… sometimes we meet someone who has what we call “presence”.

Knowing that our aim is to let go of the past, step back from a speculative future, and to “be here now in this moment”, we are challenged on many levels of being; physical, emotional, mental, comprehensional, volitional, and reflexively self-consciously. Our whole being is brought into relation with our Universal & Absolute Source, the timeless present, and with this the realisation of a truly meaningful Yoga & Meditation practice, and in turn a truly meaningful life. This depth approach was and remains the true purpose of Yoga, and it is our approach here at Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre.

You don’t have to be an advanced practitioner to join us.

But to enjoy our discipline you do need the pure motivation to desire the full teaching from the physical body up to and including the meditative and contemplative stages.

Private Lesson perhaps?

If you only want a ‘keep-fit Yoga’, and a ‘Saturday body stretch’, Malcolm is not teaching this nowadays unless you choose a private lesson with him. If you do wish to take a private Yoga lesson, you might like to think about what you require from the following general list:-

  • To immediately relieve your body of stress & stiffness in a fast efficient way
  • A start for an absolute beginner, or a restart after a period, or years, of layoff.
  • Improving posture practice and technique – correction of old habits, and negotiation of the new.
  • Injury recovery, approach to pain, and overcoming pain barriers.
  • Difficult, or aged, joint and muscle rehabilitation or recovery
  • Breathing technique and psychological balance.
  • Perhaps some of the true yogic techniques which lead consciousness out of just focusing on the physical body
  • Perhaps some of the steps which naturally flow from a good physical discipline and into a good mental/meditational discipline.
  • These are a few options, but you also have your own interests and concerns, so please bring them along to the lesson.
  • Private Lesson Fees: $100/60min – for up to two people practising and receiving instruction at the same time(split the cost by coming with a friend, associate or partner). Enquire >> OR Book Lesson >>