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When we first become interested in Meditation we often approach it for a benefit, or from curiosity. The ‘benefit’ approach may be for better mental performance, or it may be to overcome a stress factor or anxiety. Whether for curiosity, performance, or stress-relief, we have an approach for you here at Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre. We offer private lessons because that is the best and quickest way to get started. Get started now, or read on…

Proof of Meditation

If our Yoga does not lead to Meditation then it is not Yoga.

If our Meditation does not lead consciousness, out of concerns of Past time and back from speculations about Future time, and into the Eternal Present, then it is not Meditation.

If we sit or practice something for 30 minutes and having done so experienced the 30 minutes as timeless or more like 5 minutes, all the while being highly alert & lucid, then we are on our way to Samadhic contemplation, Reflexive Self-consciousness, the ultimate aim of, a step transcending, our Meditation. For what other purpose would we meditate other than to release consciousness from the turnings, frustration & limited states of the ego & mind & body & emotional flux?

We are either authentic, ruling our being, being true to our Higher Self, or we are not. If we spend time with a teacher and do not progress somewhat toward this experience of the imperience, then what we are doing would not pass the test or be a proof of Meditation. We owe it to ourselves to prove the test of our practice, and if it does not pass the test, we might try something else.


Yogic Meditation

Yogic Meditation is derived from the deep origins of Indian Philosophy and consists in a proper technique & practice. We offer both. Here at Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre we have found that when the whole basis to Yogic Meditation is properly shared with students, they have so much richness & insight about themselves that they wouldn’t trade it for a shallow temporary discipline. But of course ‘depth’ requires a bit of time and persistence. It also requires a wide diversity of traditional methods from which to select from & apply. Most of all there is required an understanding of the ‘levels of being’ which we all have – a bit like a ladder of disciplines extending from outward behaviour and life technique, through physical body disciplines, psychological techniques, approaches to the mind and meditation, and an understanding of will and consciousness which stand above the mind in hierarchy. Safe to say, Yogic Meditation has all of these and also shows the individual how to ascend and descend the ladder of our inner being.

Malcolm has found first hand from teaching 18 years in his Melbourne studio, preceded by many years personal practice & research study, that Private Tuition are the best approach to sharing his work.

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Today it is not universally known or admitted that the origins of Meditation are found in the great Religions of the world and amongst the mystic philosophers. Many modern teachers have found that more people are interested in Meditation if the traditional aims and methods are removed from the doctrine. But if individuals are given the whole teaching in an assimilable way, the individual can choose what to keep and what to discard. Just giving childish techniques to smother mental phenomena doesn’t help people, and often leads to a shallow and limited practice. Many people today just want the ‘bare bones’ to patch up a temporary problem, without the deeper and richer insights. Many people can’t deal with anything more than a superficial technique to fiddle their mind a bit for a day or a week’s temporary relief.

Here at Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre we recommend a thorough approach, and historically we know from experience that this way is by far the best.

Private Tuition

With Private Tuition with Malcolm, you can expect to be asked some questions at the start of your lesson which will help him offer you a meditational approach best suited to you. He might expect you to know that –

  • Meditation is a mental discipline.
  • Meditation doesn’t involve physical body preparation if you can already sit still.
  • Meditation may involve some preparatory breathing technique but not always.
  • Meditation involves developing an ability to concentrate, and a proper procedure of approach to help concentration.
  • Western Meditation involves training the mind in precise logical procedures, which suits certain people
  • Eastern Meditation involves depth sensitivity and central focus which suits certain people more than the Western approach
  • With Malcolm’s Private Tuition, you are taught an approach which suits you personally, and by which you have the greatest success.
  • Usually 3 lessons of 60 minutes over as many weeks will enable the approach to be established, but sometimes fewer lessons work. The more you practice the better you become.
  • Private Lesson Fees: $100/60min – for up to two people practising and receiving instruction at the same time. Enquire >> OR Book Lesson >>

The best and sure way to start meditation is with Private Tuition and the personal guidance of an experienced teacher. This is the way of centuries of tradition, and is unmistakably the best approach by far for a beginner. You get to ask all the questions you wish and the rest of the time is used to absolute maximum efficiency, applying the disciplines.

What is Meditation really?

Meditation is an active, positive, conscious process. It is not hypnosis or sleep. When understood & practised properly it brings a high degree of alertness, and mental spaciousness. The spaciousness is usually interpreted as ‘quiet’ and ‘peace of mind’, but really it is the ‘awareness of space’ for a beginner meditator.

Real Meditation does not lead you into fuzzy dreamy passive relaxation on the verge of falling asleep. Be aware that many modern techniques are just ‘distractions for the mind’ and are ingenuine. This is part of why many people give up trying to meditate, and feel little or no benefit, or only gain progress very slowly.

Still need convincing?

Some areas where a Private Lesson in Meditation may assist you include the following:

  • Clearing or withdrawing from a mind of useless or nagging thoughts – more of a therapeutic approach.
  • Mental stress can be relieved immediately with the appropriate technique – purpose chosen for you. A quick set of questions from Malcolm & you are on your way. No guessing and experimentation. No trial & error.
  • Improve your mind-set, life aim and intention with a personalised Meditation discipline.
  • How to transition from Yoga posture to Mind training. Understanding your mind and apply the best meditation technique option for you.
  • A personal approach to understanding the Whole Being and the levels of being so that Meditation can be truly Universal in approach and benefit.
  • Open the door to Samadhic contemplation and Reflexive Self-consciousness as the key to psychological and spiritual freedom.
  • Some people have limited time, and are quick learners. A few Private Lessons could be worth a whole course, or more.