Malcolm is an experienced mature practitioner offering personal individual tuition to people seeking to

  • Release inertias and blockages in the physical body
  • To centre & integrate the mind leading to mental clarity
  • To develop persoanl talents & evolve self-understanding
  • To fit it all together

Yoga is not about over-stretching and pumping the muscles of the physical body in a hot sweaty room. That would be ‘exercise’.

Yoga is about conscious, deliberate unfolding of individual body capacities, exposing and transcending limitations and feeling the joy which arises beyond the pain and resistances. Initially many people feel the benefits of some of the ‘exercise’ components of the body postures and moves, but real yoga evolves far beyond mere body exercise. This evolution is what we offer here at Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre.

Yoga’s ultimate aim is to consciously reconnect our sense of separate isolated individuality back to our Universal source. We feel integrated and whole in this realisation. To intelligently do this is what yoga is really about.

With Personal Tuition you receive ongoing individual training in every body & mind technique, with Malcolm’s experience and guidance. He will help guide you into a deep balanced practice. You work at your own rate and feel the benefits of a consistent approach.

All levels of competence and ability are welcome; Malcolm offers valuable skills to the beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioner.

A complete Beginner Yoga discipline includes an initial intention (sankalpa) to direct the mind, body postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), relaxation, and a meditation suited to your ability.

For deeper Meditation instruction (Dhyana) and Samadhic contemplation, you can continue your training into Meditation proper.


This level is to help open ‘body awareness’, expose your limitations and resistances, show you where potential dangers lie in your technique, correct alignments, and begin to enhance flexibility. Knowing something as simple as where to put your feet changes everything, and we make sure you get the essentials from the beginning of your Yoga experience. All tuition starts at Beginner level. It’s the place to start, resume, and even finesse your practice.


Our intermediate level builds body articulation, generates more strength and flexibility, and helps dissolve blockages, shadows and resistances in your practice. As the demand is stronger, we recommend understanding the fundamentals of the Beginner level before requesting this stage.


A place to concentrate on refining your practice and having the teacher check your individual style and technique. Suited to people who have progressed confidently through the intermediate level. You may be invited to join the special Field Yoga class when you are clearly conscious of advanced Yoga disciplines. The advanced practitioner who does not have a sincere meditation practice would not be considered to be ‘advanced’ from a yoga standpoint.