Testimonial Reviews

In the 16 years of daily studio teaching in Melbourne, hundreds of students attested to the benefits received through our group classes & regular workshops.

On one occasion Malcolm asked a few people to say something about their experience. Here is a sample of testimonials…

A.S. – AU & UK

  • I’ve been practising here for over 2 years now.
  • I joined looking to improve my health, flexibility and general well being, it has improved all aspects of my life and then some.
  • The studio is small and intimate, meaning you gain from a real one-on-one experience, opposed to large class at a gym where you are left to your own devices.
  • Malcolm the principal is extremely knowledgeable, well versed in all aspects of yoga and meditation, he’s a kind and thoughtful soul who goes over and above to ensure his students are achieving their full potential.
  • There is a great sense of community, everyone is friendly and welcoming, and we all enjoy a laugh now and then.
  • The classes cater to a wide variety of skills
  • there is no sense of competition.
  • I could not recommend the studio highly enough to anyone new to yoga or an old pro.
  • There is something here for everyone!

M.S. – AU & Europe

  • I have been attending here since 2010.
  • It is more intimate than other studios that I have visited
  • The teacher Malcolm Clark providing hands-on personal tuition
  • As a former athlete and avid runner, regular sessions help keep me on my feet and avoid injuries.
  • It helps me focus and perform better in all that I do.

L.J. – USA

  • I can sum up my experience –┬áMelbourne Yoga changed my life.
  • This is not the kind of place where people compare the latest yoga clothes, nor do they arrive with hot lattes in hand.
  • This is a place to learn, really get into the depths.
  • It is unlike any other studio I have attended.
  • It is incredible to be a part of the work there, and it has impacted me so much, I consider some of them truly like family.
  • The space is clean and quiet, it has a sacred feeling.
  • Just entering here will help to bring into the light that which needs it most.
  • As for the staff, they are top notch.
  • Even when I am not in Australia, I take their teachings with me, and practice on my own.
  • It is the kind of learning, where you engage in a way to make all of it – the yoga, the breathing, the philosophy – a part of your own everyday life.

T.C. – FR & NCal

  • I am a huge fan of this yoga studio.
  • When I arrived in Melbourne in June 2015, I instantly looked for a good yoga teacher and an authentic studio.
  • I was introduced to yoga through the hatha yoga practice in France, which includes asanas, breathing and visualization.
  • What Malcolm’s created in his studio is the authentic hatha yoga practice and philosophy, and I was desperate to find that.
  • Hatha Yoga taught at Melbourne Yoga and Meditation Centre is strict
  • Anyone can practise and Malcolm is always around to correct and adjust
  • It is not just Asanas. Meditation classes are my personal favourite.
  • As a French native speaker, I was very happy that the classes are not too crowded so that the teacher takes time to explain words and expressions international yoga lovers don’t get straight away.
  • The slides describing the posture make it really hard not to get it.