As our Yoga and Meditation practice develops, a program of personal study will become more and more essential to our higher aspirations. Study is food for the mind just as fruit is food for the body.

Malcolm will ask you some questions, find out your aspirations and then offer you a start in a useful Study discipline. He does not have a study curriculum, but he does have a list of recommended texts from across the world, writings which will fit into both Eastern and Western approaches to the mental, psychological and spiritual development of the individual.

When you begin to develop your practice, you can ask Malcolm for some recommendations.

Study takes you deep into the Mind, and works to develop your life Governing Concept, a concept which stands against individual fragmentation, even disintegration, and enables you to assimilate greater and greater responsibilities in many life aspirations.

If we do not study, we are very much more limited in response capacity to the accelerating life pace of present times. The wisdom of great traditions has much to say about times like these today.

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