Student 25% Discount

University Students and School Students who wish to practice with us are able to claim a 25% Discount on any of the following:-

  1. Casual Class,
  2. 4 Day Membership Trial,
  3. Meditation Course,
  4. 1 or 3 Month Unlimited Membership
  5. Workshop at our Studio

When you decide to join us, book any Class, Trial, Course, Membership, or Workshop. When you attend the studio, present your valid Student ID card, and we will Rebate* you 25% of the amount you paid. It can be a 1 month, a 3 month or 6 month Unlimited Membership. It could be a 10 or 20 class pass. Just ask for your Rebate*

* a rebate is a 25% refund of your paid up Fee, after you have made full payment. So in effect you are paying 75% of the amount you see on the website.

Ask us any time if you are not sure about any of the Student opportunities available. If you want to practice at Melbourne’s finest Yoga and Meditation studio, finest for professional tuition, and accelerated learning, this is now within your reach. If you have any questions email and Ask Us Now >>