Sports Stretching

Having long strong muscles is the key to long-life energy, and top-sporting performance for those in sport. If we don’t know how to stretch a muscle properly (and many people commonly and regularly demonstrate they don’t) then we damage the muscle or we fail to stretch it at all. Come along and learn the proper technique with a Private Lesson. Knowing what to do, we then say “Gentle positivity and concentration” are the keys. The proper stretch goes deep into the muscle and affects change that you genuinely benefit from.

Knowing how to negotiate and transcend pain intelligently is a life skill worth attaining. It applies not only to physical pain but also mental and psychological pain. It is stupid and dangerous to “blast” through. Learn the progressive way to negotiate pain and take yourself to new possibilities of physical, mental and psychological endurance.

Tuition is informative, highly beneficial, and demanding at the same time.

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