Ram Dass – the way it is

Ram Dass interviewed on the BBC in 1981. Ram Dass, formerly aka Richard Alpert of Harvard University, USA, shares aspects of his story. Ram Dass sees himself as spiritual(that which stands behind) rather than secular religious. He cites that the entire universe is lawful in its unfolding. It’s not by chance that each event occurs. It’s a set of lawful interactions.

In a practical sense, the individual is best to listen for their part in the game, the play of things/events/relations, rather than having a fixed view on who or what form is present and what they as an individual ‘should’ be or do..

Having taken a human birth, we have a series of experiences which are vehicles for our awakening out of the illusion that we are ‘exclusively’ separate. The journey of awakening goes from seeing yourself as separate, to seeing that you, as an egoic being, are only relatively separate. You are separate on one plane, but going up the levels, like switching channels, you see that you are ultimately not separate.