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Yoga Strap – pairs


Yoga Strap pairs [sizes 1 to 15].

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A ‘pair of fixed equal length sewn Yoga straps’

… is practically better than …

A ‘big long adjustable belt with a buckle’ which has to be set for each Yoga posture.

At Melbourne Yoga studio these straps have been used for many years and are loved by the practitioners.

Sizes start at #1 and go up to #15. Most people use #4.

#1(shortest) is for the foot that’s just out of reach, and #15(longest) is for a leg which has never been stretched and a person who can barely touch their knees in a forward bend posture.

The strap lengths can be mixed and matched for varying lengths, so having a couple of shorter sizes can be helpful to make up longer combinations.

Material is soft washable cotton belt webbing and does not burn the skin if slipping occurs.

Colours: White or Multi-colour(red/black/yellow/white)

Straps are priced and sold as a matching pair – the price you see gets you 2 belts of equal length