Private Tuition

Malcolm offers 1-on-1 (and also 1-on-2 and 1-on-3) tuition for individuals who would like an experienced practitioner’s insight into their own ‘start-up’ or ‘on-going’ practice. For the mature practitioner the Yoga and Meditation journey can benefit greatly with a wise word along the way. You can also practice in two’s or three’s for the same private tuition rate (no extra charge). Sometimes a correction, or a comment, is useful. Sometimes all of us have come to a ‘cross-roads’ in our practice, in our life. Many people think Yoga is ‘posture exercise’ but it’s so much more. Some people do not gain sufficiently from ‘group exercise’, or haven’t the time to come to regular classes. Booking private sessions before, between, after work, and on weekends is a genuinely good way to accelerate your way to greater performance in a shorter space of time.

Private tuition with Malcolm aims to show you where your next development stage is likely to be.

Some areas of discipline may include:

  • A start for an absolute beginner, or a restart after a period, or years, of layoff.
  • Posture practice and technique – correction of old habits, and negotiation of the new.
  • Injury recovery, approach to pain, and overcoming pain barriers.
  • Difficult, or aged, joint and muscle rehabilitation or recovery
  • Breathing technique and psychological balance.
  • Mind-set, aim and intention of personal Yoga and Meditation discipline.
  • How to transition from posture to Mind training. Understanding your mind and application of the best meditation technique option for you.
  • Cultivating the higher mind within you and attaining to wisdom with a personal Study pursuit – an excellent way to excel in a world of change, turmoil and instability.
  • Samadhic contemplation and Reflexive Self-consciousness as the key to psychological and spiritual freedom.

Fees: $115 per hour – for up to three people practising and receiving instruction at the same time. Split the cost between you, or come alone. Malcolm can also visit you.

Just in town for the day…

Non‐Members Casual drop-in Yoga, Meditation or Sports Stretching class: $25