Private Tuition & Consultation

Malcolm offers private tuition in Meditation & Yoga for people who would like an experienced practitioner’s insight into their own practice. He also offers Meditation Therapy consultations for a wide range of problems from Stress to Phobias to Anxiety.

For the mature practitioner the Yoga and Meditation journey can benefit greatly with a wise word along the way. Sometimes all of us have come to a ‘cross-roads’ in our practice, in our life. Many people think Yoga is ‘posture exercise’, and Meditation is throwing a blanket over mental content, but they are so much more. Booking a private lesson or a personal consultation, before, between, after work, and on weekends is a genuinely good way to accelerate your way to greater performance and a clear mind and conscience in a shorter space of time.

Private tuition with Malcolm aims to show you where your next development stage is likely to be. You can also take tuition with a partner or friend for no extra charge.

Some areas of consultation and assistance include:

  • To immediately relieve your body of stress & stiffness in a fast efficient way
  • A start for an absolute beginner, or a restart after a period, or years, of layoff.
  • Improving posture practice and technique – correction of old habits, and negotiation of the new.
  • Injury recovery, approach to pain, and overcoming pain barriers.
  • Difficult, or aged, joint and muscle rehabilitation or recovery
  • Breathing technique and psychological balance.
  • Fees: $90/80min – for up to two people practising and receiving instruction at the same time. Split the cost between you, or practise alone. Malcolm visits you. Book >>
  • A perfect start for any beginner – one-on-one with an experienced teacher
  • Clear or withdraw from a mind of useless thoughts
  • Mental stress can be relieved immediately with the appropriate technique – purpose chosen for you. A quick set of questions from Malcolm & you are on your way. No guessing and experimentation. No trial & error.
  • Improve your mind-set, life aim and intention with a personal Meditation discipline.
  • How to transition from Yoga posture to Mind training. Understanding your mind and applly the best meditation technique option for you.
  • Open the door to Samadhic contemplation and Reflexive Self-consciousness as the key to psychological and spiritual freedom.
  • Up to two people practising and receiving instruction at the same time. Split the cost between you, or practise alone. Malcolm visits you
  • Fees: $90/80minutes   Book >>
  • A Special Therapy to release habit and addiction release – smoking, phobias, fears, inertias
  • Recovery from Pain & Injury
  • Relationship problems
  • Depression recovery
  • Deep Stress & Anxiety
  • Fees: $150/80 minutes   Book >>
  • Cultivating the Higher Mind within you and attaining to wisdom with a personal Study pursuit – an excellent way to excel in a world of change, turmoil and instability.
  • Fees: $150/80 minutes   Book >>

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