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Monthly Workshop Calendar

Each month we conduct a 2 hour workshop to explore deeper aspects of meditation & the traditions behind meditation practice. Workshops are open to all.

Workshop TitleDurationStart DateDayTimeFeeBook
Reflexive self-consciousness as the highest individual aim of Meditation & the origin of meditation practice discipline in all traditions2 hours7 JulySaturday1.00pm-3.00pm$50/$45concBook
Consciousness & Will - 2 aspects of an ultimate Source of Being - the catalyst for deep meditation practice2 hours4 AugustSaturday1.00pm-3.00pm$50/$45concBook
Pure Motivation as key to an Honest life and an Honest Meditation practice. What is Honesty?2 hours1 SeptemberSaturday1.00pm-3.00pm$50/$45concBook
The Tacit Conspiracy & the so-called "battle of the sexes". How to see what is so-called 'male' and what is so-called 'female' as aspects of the whole psyche of every individual. Knowing this, how are we able to better meditate on our differences.2 hours6 OctoberSaturday1.00pm-3.00pm$50/$45concBook
Commitment & Devotion in Meditation Practice. What are they & how are they important both in life & in practice.2 hours3 NovemberSaturday1.00pm-3.00pm$50/$45concBook
Setting an Aim & Attaining it in Meditation - steps & stages from Individual through Relative to Universal & Absolute.2 hours1 DecemberSaturday1.00pm-3.00pm$50/$45concBook