Yoga is far more than physical health of the physical body

Health has got different faces – the levels of holistic health

Yamas(restraints) and Niyamas(observances) have got seven States of awareness.

Conquest of the body – ana maya kosha – physical

conquest of the indriyas(elements) – ethical

conquest of the mind – mano maya kosha – mental

conquest of the intelligence – vijnana maya kosha – intellectual

conquest of the conscience – ego – conscience

conquest of consciousness – Ananda maya kosha – consciousness of will

consciousness of consciousness – Self-reflexive consciousness pure consciousness.

Reflexive Self-consciousness is the highest individual aim of Yoga and Meditation – consciousness of consciousness, consciousness conscious of itself reflexively. For greater insight about this supreme ideal, visit our studio and learn the discipline.

Here at Melbourne Yoga and Meditation Centre we offer teachings and practices in all of the levels. Join us now >>


B K S Iyengar - 14 Dec 1918 to 20 Aug 2014 (age 95)

B K S Iyengar – 14 Dec 1918 to 20 Aug 2014 (age 95)