FAQ & What to Bring

Q. What do I wear to a Yoga class?

A. Any modern sporting or dance attire is suitable. Leggings and sports bra or fitted shirt for girls and for the fellows, shorts, running tights or track pants, and a singlet or T-shirt is suitable. The room is air-conditioned to around 20°C and the practice is largely not sweaty. No showers are provided, nor are they required by most people. If you are heading off to work after class it’s good to keep your practice moderate, and perhaps carry an underarm deodorant. But you will not be bathed in the lather of sweat. It is not our style. The more efficient your practice, the cooler you run.

Q. What do I wear to a Meditation class?

A. We don’t need to change clothes to practice Meditation. We just remove our shoes and sit on a chair, stool or cushion. Ladies who are wearing a skirt or a dress also find the Meditation stools and cushions comfortable and decent. You will not feel uncomfortable or exposed. If you are intending to practice Yoga as well as Meditation, it’s good to come prepared for yoga.

Q. How long before the class should I arrive?

A. Between 2 and 5 minutes prior is ideal.

Q. How long before Yoga or Meditation class can I eat and drink?

A. Try to avoid eating food less than 3 hrs before you intend to practice. Try to reduce drinking inside 30 minutes before you practice. Food will make you feel sick and impair your performance. Our Yoga is not sweaty and you will not need to carry a water bottle. If you eat too much food before Meditation you will tend to feel sleepy, so avoid it. Have something later.

Q. Do I have to bring my own Yoga mat?

A. Malcolm provides professional Yoga mats and they are regularly hygienically cleaned. However you may choose to bring your own Yoga mat if you like. We also sell, at a moderate price, the very same professional mats we use.  Many practitioners choose to buy their own personal Yoga mat here because they are of an excellent quality and last for many years. To purchase a mat, check the website Shop >>

Q. I’m new to Yoga, how do I start?

A. Malcolm will start you at the beginning. This is a perfect place to start for any beginner.  You’ll be given personal attention in every posture & discipline you undertake. All of the equipment you will need is available here. If you want to get a real benefit from Yoga and Meditation disciplines it is important to make a commitment and ideally for 3 to 6 months at the outset. Less time than 3 months will not give you any real insight into your capacities and the benefits of the disciplines.

You are encouraged to also book our Beginners Course in Meditation – essential for coping with modern day stress – if you would like a more personalised and thorough beginning. The Course is not expensive in terms of what you are offered.

Q. As a lady, can I practice Yoga when I have my monthly period?

A. Most ladies feel it best to refrain from physical practice, and let go for the first three days of the monthly period. If you wish to take tuition, it’s a nice time to try Meditation, if you feel like it, or to just relax. If you do decide to practice it’s worthwhile to refrain from physical body inversions (postures where the abdomen is above the head) for the time of bleeding.


  • Please remove your shoes at the door of the studio.
  • Please turn off, or put on silent, your mobile phone.
  • The toilet facilities are outside of the studio.
  • When paying cash for classes, please try to bring the correct change. There are online facilities for direct debit and credit card payment, and you can book and pay directly from the website.
  • The studio is a friendly environment but please contain your chat a little in preparation for the practices you are about to undertake.
  • Be Happy..!
Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be” – Abraham Lincoln