Beginners Meditation Course

Our eight week Beginners Meditation Course offers an insight into at least seven principal meditation techniques practised across the world by those serious about Meditation.

We show how each works and how to apply some of the practical disciplines applicable to each.

This course is not a hodgepodge of trendy modern techniques patched together to put you back to sleep, or to dull down your mind. There are many activities which are practised today which are called meditation and which are in fact nothing of the sort.

This course aims to debug what is meditation, how to identify and apply the true techniques, and what to expect as a result of the applied disciplines.

It’s technical, informed, and you get to try and find out what works for you.

After the eight weeks you can join the general meditation classes or withdraw and practice on your own. Some people choose to repeat the Beginners Meditation Course to go deeper into the various techniques.

The Course is true value for money and time spent.