Breathe to Heal – Max Strom

Speaking about breathing is one of the most counterintuitive subjects that you could possibly talk about.

Certain patterns of breathing change how you feel internally.

We live in a digitally obsessed, escape-based society.

Based on the medications that we use, we are not a happy society.

We have a rectangle in our pocket which has access to the world’s knowledge, that has any entertainment that you want, so why aren’t we ecstatic?

By 2020, the world health organisation has stated that, worldwide, depression and anxiety will be the number one disability. That’s less than five years from now.

Authentic Yoga, Pranayama(breathing technique) and Meditation is the start of a new Self-understanding, and a more positive change of life. Join us >>

[ “I recall practising Yoga with Max Strom at Sacred Movement in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California in December 2005. It was one of his final classes before retiring to begin teaching breathing techniques in a more specialised way. Breathing techniques are an essential aspect of traditional Yoga. These techniques can be learnt and practised here at Melbourne Yoga and Meditation Centre” – Malcolm ]