Why Us?

When choosing or changing your Yoga and Meditation practice teacher, it can be a lucky dip because there are so many, and they all claim something special. A few pointers might help.

What Malcolm offers:

  • A small, comfortable, quiet location in which to take tuition.
  • Professional grade high quality yoga mats and equipment essential to the disciplines. You only need to wear your practice clothing, and all else is taken care of.
  • Hassle-free, online booking and payment.
  • Genuinely helpful and appropriate tuition and personal assistance to ensure you reach your top potential with minimal obstruction.
  • Teachings to enable you a clear direction in talent development and Self-understanding.
  • A central Melbourne location close to people living in the inner city & easily accessed by many modes of transport from all over the metropolitan area, along with diverse links to national and international transport.
  • A wide variety of interesting teachings and time-spots, including weekend Workshops and advanced Field Yoga classes for the dedicated practitioner.
  • Affordable Private Tuition where it is possible to split costs and practice with one or two friends without losing the personal focus of the teacher and the tuition.
  • Everything essential for those who need an accelerated and more focussed experience.

In terms of a Teacher, and what you might look for in a teacher and teaching:

  • A teacher with experience. Someone whoʼs got something to share apart from blurting out a prescription or a script. A teacher whoʼs been teaching for almost 20 years full time, successfully executing the practical aspects of each discipline.
  • A teacher that believes Yoga is more than just stretching, more than just building strength and doing a bit of exercise. A teacher who understands the physical body as a complex structure requiring experience and maturity to explore its true depths and individual possibilities.
  • A teacher who is able to consider your individual health and offer an integrated and personal discipline in such a way that you will not hurt yourself, your body or mind. You donʼt want someone who is just offering an abstract aggressive blind practice taken from a book or weekend CPD course, leading to a possible injury physically or psychologically, You’d seek someone looking at your personal talents as well as your weaknesses. You need gradual development, not some radical leap into the unknown, possibly dangerously.
  • A teacher to show you how to be vulnerable and yet strong and capable. Youʼd like your teacher to show you how to gain maturity in situations of relative difficulty. A teacher who will give you just enough space to allow you to focus in on a problem and work through it. This would help you develop will power, an ability to initiate change from within, and take charge of your mind and body from inside the situation.
  • A teacher who can share knowledge from Master Teachers of ‘authentic’ yoga, meditation and self-study.
  • A teacher who openly encourages you and shows you how to approach and evolve your practice into Meditation, and eventually into Self-understanding and an efficient Self-exploration of talents.
  • A teacher with the option to show you how to approach Samadhic Contemplation and Reflexive Self-consciousness, a higher level beyond meditation, leading to maximum response capacity in every life situation.
  • A teacher who has a Self-consistent philosophy behind what they are sharing, and who is living in the world as ʻan exampleʼ of the disciplines that they practise. And a teacher who can differentiate between ‘popular culture exercise yoga’, and Real Yoga with an authentic purpose beyond just physical body movement.
  • A teacher who can coach you along in a safe, proper and intelligent way, and have a teaching etiquette which allows them time to pay attention to your particular needs.
  • A teacher that has thought and felt deeply about what they are sharing, who has a spiritual ideal behind what they are offering, and truly loves and sees the benefit in what they are sharing.

If these points resonate, then start tuition, and see what lies beyond your current capacities, limitations and directions. There are wider fields to explore..