Why Us?

When choosing or changing your Yoga and Meditation practice teacher, it can be a lucky dip because there are so many, and they all claim something special. A few pointers might help.

What Malcolm offers:

  • A personal tuition opportunity with a very experienced practitioner in many aspects of yoga & meditation discipline, both Eastern & Western.
  • Yoga & Meditation practices fully integrated together, or as stand alone practices.
  • Practices, not just theory, so you can apply the disciplines right-away on day one.
  • Hassle-free, online booking and payment.
  • Genuinely helpful and appropriate tuition and personal assistance, appropriate only to you(not a group) to ensure you reach your top potential with minimal misdirection & distraction.
  • Modern Teachings to enable you a clear direction in talent development and Self-understanding.
  • An opportunity for the teacher to come to you across most of Melbourne*, anywhere from the inner city to the metropolitan area. *there is a small fuel charge for distances outside 5km from Melbourne CBD, but you will be advised of this prior to booking confirmation, if there is to be a charge. (It is usually only $5-10 when applicable)
  • A wide variety of time-spots from early morning to late evening, including weekends, & extra times of your choosing on application.
  • Affordable Private Tuition where it is possible to split costs and practice with your partner or friend without losing the personal focus of the teacher and the tuition. The $90 rate is for Malcolm’s attendance at your venue, for up to 2 people.
  • Everything essential for those who need an accelerated & focused tuition experience.
  • You get assessed at the start of the lesson, and you are given exactly the tuition you need for your level of ability, and you get to advance to the next step as quickly as you can achieve the results required.