What we Provide:

  • A small, comfortable, quiet, air-conditioned and decorated studio in which to practice.
  • A central Melbourne location easily accessed by many modes of transport from all over the metropolitan area and close to people living in the inner city.
  • Professional grade facilities, high quality yoga mats and equipment essential to the disciplines.
  • Waiting area and Clothing change rooms. You only need to wear your practice clothing, and all else is taken care of.
  • Hassle-free, unlimited practice time, one-fee financial Memberships, or casual ‘pay as you go’ offers.
  • Genuinely helpful and appropriate tuition and personal assistance to ensure you reach your top potential with minimal obstruction.
  • Further Teachings to enable you a clear direction in talent development and Self-understanding.
  • A wide variety of interesting classes and time-spots, including weekend Workshops and advanced Field Yoga classes for the dedicated practitioner.