Field Yoga

Field Yoga has 12 aspects to it, which we may differentiate simply into four groups.

The first group are the Physical Yoga practices, the main type being the postures of Hatha Yoga. We teach and apply in excess of 200 different yoga postures and their variations in the classes. A full repertoire can take time to assimilate and become proficient in, but our role is to teach and to share our knowledge of the various techniques and disciplines. From the very first beginner stage to the most advanced, we offer full tuition.

The second group of practices are to do with the feeling states corresponding with Breathing. Breathing techniques called pranayama are practised routinely in all of the physical Yoga classes. A proper understanding and application of breathing is essential for psychological and mental balance, especially in a fast changing world. Breathe well and you feel well.

The third group of practices are to do with the mind and meditation. We have dedicated meditation classes and we have a special eight-week Beginners Meditation Course for those who would like a broader and more in-depth approach. If you just like to practice then come along to the daily classes. The mind is a strange monkey and if you’ve never bothered to look into it, it can be a shock when you first notice what is going on.

The fourth group of practices are to do with the spiritual and transcendent disciplines. Development of Reflexive Self-consciousness and Samadhic contemplation are the high end of yoga and meditation practice. Private tuition and monthly Workshops give a broad background to these disciplines, and specific techniques for attainment.

Field Yoga is a genuinely complete discipline for all the levels of being. But if you prefer just to practice the physical components, you will be happy and at home in our physical Hatha Yoga classes. The classes are challenging and also have a light touch, regardless of the level that you choose.